Thursday, September 2, 2010

When the Gardener's Away

A conversation I had with Steph when I got home yesterday.

Me: "Did you check the garden?"

S: "Yep."

Me: "Did any of the tomatoes come in?"

S: (with that "look" on her face) "Yep."

Me: "Did you eat them?"

S: (excitely) "Yeah, they were really good."

Sigh. Although I'm pleased she's eating fresh--um, is it a vegetable or fruit? No matter. Do they make tomatoes that ripen on the weekends when I have a shot at them?

I need not explain why that is an image I grabbed off the Interwebs and not a photo of a tomato in my garden, right?


Shan said...

Oh man, this sounds familiar. When we had our little apartment, we had a garden. Tomato plants would grow tall and lush, but between Corey and the birds, I may have only gotten two or three.

Pat S said...

At our house we've found that on the rare occasion that one actually ripens, it's really, *really* good.

Small, almost insignificant quality vs quantity consolation, I know.