Monday, September 27, 2010

Looking For That Redeeming Quality

I listen to a lot of different music, especially the music my kids listen to. It gives us something to share and sometimes talk about. I don't have the best hearing in the world and I'm unable to keep up with the rapid fire delivery of rap, but there's a rap song I enjoyed when I first heard it. However the more I listened to it the more I was questioning what it was about. I am referring to Eminem's I Love The Way You Lie.

Last night I was listening to it and following along with the lyrics when Steph came downstairs.

"Since when do you listen to rap?" she asked. It's like she's forgotten the many times we've been in the car together and she's in control of the radio.

"I'm just checking out the lyrics," I tell her.


"Because nearly every song has a message and I'm curious about this song."

"Well, don't ruin rap for me."

Ruin rap? Who is she kidding?

After a careful review of the lyrics, here's my take on the song. There's this couple who have a relationship. She is somewhat abusive and actually doesn't mind being on the receiving end of the abuse, but she does draw the line...ohhhh...somewhere. He is an off-the-chart anger management candidate who is abusive, jealous, controlling and profusely apologetic after wards. He explains it's only because he loves her so much.

And if she ever leaves him again he's going to kill her.

So...yeah...but...uh...outside of all's a great song.

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