Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So Much Danger Out There

In this day and age where we can't be careful enough and want to be safe and just have to make sure and let everyone know because just in case, I received this email from Mead High School.

When an eight year old boy was walking home yesterday from Westview Elementary School, just south of Francis Avenue on Fotheringham Avenue in the Spokane School District, a white male with facial hair asked him if he wanted free candy. The man was driving an older light brown truck with a canopy. Please remind your children to not talk to strangers and take all necessary Safe-Walk-to-School and home routes.

While Mead High School students are older than the boy in the report, it is good to remember that children of all ages are vulnerable to predators. Please share this information with your teenager.

But there have been no emails with like information to share with my teenager about the hazards of driving, the dangers of being in prison, the peril in confronting a car prowler, or how working at a convenience store could be an endangerment.

The second paragraph of that email reminds me of a post from a couple years ago.

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