Friday, November 9, 2012

Not Coming To A Town Near You - Weed Warehouse

The Washington State Liquor Control Board, given the responsibility of implementing Initiative 502, has posted a fact sheet on some of the law's requirements. Here's an excerpt concerning retail outlets.

Photo from THCFinder
Retail Outlets 
Specific number of retail outlets and licenses will be determined by the WSLCB in consultation  with the Office of Financial Management taking into account population, security and safety  issues, and discouraging illegal markets. The initiative also caps retail licenses by county. 
  - Retail outlets may not employ anyone under the age of 21, nor allow anyone under the  age of 21 to enter the premises. 
  - Retail outlets are only authorized to sell marijuana/marijuana products or paraphernalia. 
  - Retailers are allowed one sign identifying the outlet’s business or trade name, not to exceed 1600 square inches. 
  - They are not allowed to display marijuana or marijuana related products in a manner that  is visible to the general public.

Will employees have to pass a drug screening before they're hired? Will employees be fired if they fail a drug test? What will the job interviews be like?

Tell you about my experience? Well, back in high school....

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