Sunday, March 30, 2014

This Time with Photos

This morning I spent another three hours exploring trails in Riverside State Park with the idea of just getting the saddle time in and connecting the trails in my mind so I don't feel like I'm lost so often.
 Some fallen trees serve a useful purpose.

 This downhill section screamed, "Hank, remember your age!"

 Just following directions.

Not a soul in sight.

I felt like I had the park all to myself. I only ran into two runners and two other MTBers until I got back to my car. The quiet was interrupted only by the occasional scolding from chipmunks and robins. Crows warned each other of my presence. There was a huge commotion with some Canada geese and an osprey. I couldn't tell what was going on, but the geese sounded extremely unhappy.  

I went up this switchback (Trail 110 or 10) before going back down. Turn left at the top and you go to Devil's Up. It might be the bike, but these turns were very for me to navigate.

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