Saturday, June 4, 2016

Frame Bag - First Attempt

Today I made my first frame bag. I got much better with the machine and even more so with the stitch ripper. Since you're making this inside out you have to really pay attention to how every aligns so that it turns out right.

I double checked and I was still wrong with one side of the bag. I attached the velcro straps on the wrong side. I pulled it all apart and fixed it.

I took my time and made lots of notes. Hopefully the next one goes easier and turns out better. Attaching a side to the strip that fills in the center was a pain, especially working around the corners. Attaching the second side was even more challenging. Every got shifted just a bit so the velcro straps don't line up exactly right. And the body got twisted a bit.

Before I make the next one I'm going to load this one with stuff and see how well it works.

Oops. I did it wrong.

This one was good.

After doing the other side right.

The hardest part was joining the second side to the main part.

It doesn't look that bad, but it needs work.

Room for a huge logo on this side.

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