Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Porteur Bag - The Prototype

I drew up my plans and put them into effect to make my first porteur bag. My plans quickly fell apart. But I expected this to be a learning process so all is not lost.

Measuring where the velcro for mounting it onto the rack would go.

Everything pinned in place.

Okay, it looks like it's lining up pretty well.

And this is how it would attach.

Do you see the problem with the two pictures above? How am I going to attach the sides of the bag to the bottom of the bag if those velcro strips are in the way? Sigh.

I also attached a clear vinyl piece to the bottom, creating a pocket for the plastic board. I had to cut the vinyl open and remove the board in order to sew the four sides to the bottom. So if I leave one side open I can remove the board. Or keep it simple and skip the vinyl and push the board into the bottom.

I also put a vinyl pocket on the left and side side, each holding a board to help the bag keep its shape. The board in the back is just pushed into the bag. I'm liking that idea better than sewing in vinyl pockets.

I put it on the bike to check the clearance and make sure the bag doesn't interfere with shifting and braking. The braking is fine. I'm concerned about the shifting but I'll have a better idea once I put the lid on. Also, the bag sits more forward on the rack than I anticipated so the velcro on the bottom  is out of alignment.

Another day, then.

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