Sunday, June 5, 2016

Frame Bag - Part 2

I rode the NFE to take photos of Kathy and my sister Barb while they ran the Windermere Half Marathon. I put Frame Bag #1 on and loaded it with stuff, including a two-liter water bag. I hardly noticed it while I was riding. Only once when I was going pretty fast into a sharp turn. I felt the weight of the bag swaying slightly when I went into the turn. Not enough to throw me off but it was noticeable.

After I got home I decided to press on with Frame Bag #2. Taking what I learned from making Frame Bag #1, I showed and told my neighbor what I was doing and asked her for advice. She was quick to notice the mistakes I made and told me how to avoid them.

I patiently made my way through #2 and I was pretty happy with the result.

#2 and #1.
The corners are actually corner like
so the bag has the desired box look.

 And it looks great on the NFE.


Wileydog said...

good job! i was thinking of making one, too, so i don't have to keep switching my revelate tangle bag back and forth between the fargo and vaya. but then i saw the 2015 tangle on closeout online. you probably have already figured out about wind can be a problem with the frame bag - during stormy weather on the lilac half-century once, a sudden strong side wind practically knocked me over. scott

Hank Greer said...

Thanks, Scott. I haven't experienced a strong side wind--yet.