Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cross Country Season

Stephanie, not intentionally, is following her brothers' footsteps and running cross country at Mead. I qualify that with "not intentionally" because we've always required our kids to play a sport. They get to pick it, but they must participate. She hates soccer and volleyball didn't go so well for a five-foot-tall young lady so cross country it is.

Remarkably, she has a wonderful running form. This evening was her first 5k race. While we were at home before the race Kathy had some homemade chicken soup cooking and Steph decided to eat some. Kathy wanted to warn her about not eating too much since she had a race within an hour when Josh piped up.

"Let her eat. If she throws up it's a lesson she'll never forget."

Brotherly love.

Steph finished the race in about 30 minutes, a pace she said was far slower than normal. The reason for her slowness?

"That's the last time I eat chicken noodle soup before a race. I felt like I was gonna puke the whole time."

Well at least she kept it down.


Sherry said...

I'm sending my almost-5-year-old grandson over to Audubon Park this Saturday AM. He and his family live one block away and I hear there's a big meet there...

Anonymous said...

Her brother was right. I'm sure she won't forget that lesson.