Friday, September 17, 2010

Any Minute, Weeks From Now

Since the unveiling back in May, Cathy McMorris Rodgers and her fellow Republican House members have been touting the America Speaking Out site as a means for you and I to communicate our ideas to Republican House members.

In today's news we have notice that the Republican House members have listened and have formulated their agenda for the November election. But they're not telling us what it is just yet.

One of the GOP proposals would require bills to have a specific citation of constitutional authority, on the heels of criticism that Democrats breached their constitutional limits in Congress with big-ticket bills like health care reform. If a member questioned whether the House had constitutional authority to pass a bill, that challenge would receive debate and a vote.

The second major initiative would encourage — though not require — members of Congress to read bills before they vote. According to a senior House GOP source, Republicans plan to push for a new rule that would require the House to publish the text of a bill online at least three days before the House votes on it, also giving the public an opportunity to review legislation.


The rollout is the culmination of House Republicans’ “America Speaking Out” initiative, an online, grass-roots effort to build ideas from voters across the country. Minority Leader John Boehner of Ohio developed the plan this spring and designated California Rep. Kevin McCarthy as chairman to pull together a governing agenda for the party after four years in the minority.

“Within a matter of weeks, the American people will see a new governing agenda that is focused on their priorities,” said Brendan Buck, a spokesman for the Republican agenda. “Americans have been speaking out, and this agenda will demonstrate that Republicans are listening.”

Now one thing the Republicans haven't mentioned publicly are the criteria used to determine which ideas will receive a greater degree of listening over others. So the only thing we have to go by is what they've been tracking for us--the votes. And here are the top voted items in each category.

American Prosperity - Job Creation

Fiscal Accountability - Spending

American Values - Life

National Security - Homeland/Border Security

And last of all under Open Mic.

I've posted on the items receiving the most votes in each category here, here, here, here and here.

I look forward to seeing what the illegal-alien-deporting, defense-busting, pro-choice, citizenship-verifying, more-liberal-and-democratic Republicans have in their election agenda.

Unless, of course, they only listened to what they wanted to hear.

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