Sunday, August 28, 2011

Digital Memories

For Father's Day this year, Kathy got me a scanner with which I can scan almost any size negative and save the digital image. (Not the 110 film which is just as well since those were always poor quality pictures anyway.) It's a tedious process but the good thing is that if you have the prints with the negatives you can scan just the best pictures and skip the unfocused, low-light, herky-jerky, and finger-on-the-lense shots.

Hank and Geoff playing airplanes

Geoff's first soccer season

Steph battles it out with spaghetti

Josh all cute and cuddly

Kathy and Geoff at Easter

Big smiling Josh

Steph at Riverside State Park

Christmas 1986 with Geoff and Kathy

Geoff opens his most favorite gift on his 9th birthday

Snow sumo Steph

The wild side of Josh

Geoff and Josh watch the best kids science program ever

Josh and Steph and their clay play

So many memories to bring back to life. And this is just one box of many.

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Shan said...

Very nice. Thanks for letting us join you on your trip down memory lane.