Monday, August 15, 2011

Facebook Fail

Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers has prided herself on using Web 2.0 for communicating with her constituents with what I would consider mixed results. Today she held a one-hour Facebook chat with whomever was online at the time. Just my luck it was during daytime work hours.

While it appears to be a solid effort on her part, the overwhelming number of unanswered questions/comments showed that Facebook is not an effective format for multiple conversations. Plus it's awkward since every response is well after several other questions are asked forcing you to scroll up to see what the question was.

There was a question about when she was holding town hall meetings and McMorris Rodgers wrote that they are held in August and the schedule is being finalized. I would like to say that all those people who clamor for a town hall meeting seemed to be absent last year. Barely 150 people showed up and nobody pressed her with a hard question. You would think that since Spokane County contains the majority of her constituents there would be a need for more than one town hall meeting.

You would think.

She says the meetings are scheduled for August. There are only two weeks left so keep an eye out for the announcement of the finalized schedule.

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