Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gingerbread Houses

The Saturday after Thanksgiving has been the gingerbread house making party at our house for ten or twelve years now. When the kids were young they loved it because they could eat so much candy while they were decorating their houses. Now that they're older they love it because they can eat so much candy while they're decorating their houses. The creativity our family and friends displayed is really something. I wish I could show all of the houses.

Josh is giving me the don't-be-stealing-my-ideas look.

Serious business at the grown up table.

Lots of focus at the mostly kids table.

Geoff conveys the Christmas spirit with an angry house eating a gingerbread man. "Oh, nooooooo!"

Another gingerbread man casualty--possibly a muggle--from Steph.

Patty and Mike's more traditional house.

Can you believe that in all these years, this is the first house that Kathy has decorated? It looks like the work of an experienced pro.

This was Emma's first time as well.

Jenny and Lee's cabin at the lake complete with a covered deck and a hot tub. Danged overachievers.

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