Thursday, March 15, 2012

Reaching The Saturation Point

Today's forecast called for heavy rains and it was right. During my bike commute home after work I reached the point where it was like the rinse cycle at a car wash. It can't get any wetter but it's moving lots of water around.

Most of the time traffic forced me to ride through the streams running along the roadsides. When given the opportunity I swerved into the middle of the road to avoid the larger pools. There were few opportunities. One pool of water was so large cars were turning around rather than go through it. It was too big to coast through so my shoes overflowed yet again as each foot splashed in the downstroke.

Twice I was pelted with hail. It was like I was in the middle of an arena and everyone in the stands had a paint ball gun unloading on me. The staccato crackling of ice pellets on my helmet sounded like a kettle of popcorn at its peak. After getting home, water drained from my clothing onto my garage floor while I cleaned and oiled my chain so it wouldn't rust overnight. My drenched gloves and socks desperately clung to me and stretched to their fullest as I struggled to peel them off.

Mmmmmmm, ice cream for dinner. I feel so much better.


John Speare said...

It's not clear to me if you enjoyed the ride or not.

For me, when I cross a certain threshold (e.g., when I cannot get any wetter), the ride becomes very enjoyable in savoring the extreme nature of the conditions.

It's also interesting to me to think about the different perspective you have of yesterday's commute, compared to those who had to drive out of their way to avoid puddles.

I'm not great at articulating this -- as this is sounding a bit smug -- but rides like that really remind me how much fun riding a bike can be.

Hank Greer said...

Wow, you're right John. Reading it over, I can't tell if I enjoyed the ride or not. Thanks for calling me on that. Why didn't I mention the smile on my face? Why is the perspective not from that of a person who enjoys play? I think my recent change (increase) in responsibilities at work is affecting me more than I care to admit.

Wileydog said...

sounds like quite the ride - crazy cyclists! I was off sick that day and part of me felt bad for missing the ride in the storm. part of me was glad I was home in bed.

It's hard to explain to folks at work that it's invigorating to ride in the rain, or most any type of weather.