Friday, March 30, 2012

Plus There's Too Much Violins On TV

Pat over at 26InchSlicks posted an entry during the late hours entitled No Title Necessary. As the title--or lack thereof--implies the video he posted speaks for itself. Clearly, a bicycle is being towed away by one of those fly-by-night towing companies, leaving the owner stranded with a front wheel--possibly disabled by a Denver moccasin--who then has to track down the towing company and pay three hundred bucks to get the bike out of the impound lot.

When I tried to post a comment I kept getting this:
Apparently Google thinks I'm asking for it to play some obscure song in a key that hasn't been invented yet.

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Pat S said...

I tried everything to block your expose. But damnit, you have your own blog. Jon does have the maniacal laugh of a rich fly-by-night tower/impound yard executive though, I must admit. It this pans out for him, I certainly deserve a cut of the action.