Monday, July 9, 2012

Tires And Teachable Moments

This morning I remembered to have a look at my rear tire to check the wear. I didn't want it to get as bad as that one time. Well it wasn't as bad as that time but it didn't have much to go. 
So I took this morning's commute nice and easy. No tight turns, hard braking, or speeding. I know I shouldn't have, but after seeing how bad the tire could get that one time I figured it could take at least 18 more miles of mild abuse. I went for a short run at lunch and stopped by my LBS where I bought a replacement tire and some tubes. I tied the tire to the top of my rack and the heat made sure I took a slow ride home.

After arriving home I checked my receipts and noticed I was not charged the correct amount. The cash register receipt said 79 bucks and change but the charge on my debit card was only 40 bucks. I brought this up at dinner time and said I was returning to the store tomorrow to pay the difference.

Steph pipes up. "It's okay, Dad. We had the teachable moment with the iTouch so now you can just say, 'Score!'"

Before you think the lesson was lost on her, I can honestly tell you she was joking.

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