Thursday, June 6, 2013


From a May 30 Spokesman Review article about Gail Gerlach being charged with first degree manslaughter:

Gerlach’s wife, Sharon Gerlach, was about four steps behind her husband when she ran out the door, according to her statement. She said she didn’t see her husband fire his gun because she was watching as the Suburban drove away. She did hear some sort of explosion and saw the rear window break. She also reported seeing the driver make some sort of motion with his arm, but thought he could possibly be “flipping them off.”

From a May 30 post allegedly made by Sharon Gerlach on the Gail Gerlach Legal Defense Fund site:

My husband Gail is being charged with First Degree Manslaughter in the shooting death of a career car thief who, during the commission of the theft, made a threatening motion that made us both believe he was aiming a weapon at us.

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