Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers posted this on her Facebook page today and I wonder if she was surprised by the reaction she received.
What would be the surprise? The nearly 100% negative comments about the Working Families Flexibility Act. Missing are the usual, "We love you, Cathy," comments that have been so prevalent before.

In a show of...um...defensiveness(?) our fair congresswoman posted a rare response. And that resulted in a one-two punch knocking her hypocritical argument to the floor. 
Ring the bell! Ring the bell! Don't let the round end like this.


Anonymous said...

I admire that McMorris-Rodgers accepts comments and interacts with her constituents online, even to the point of allowing them to get the upperhand as here.

She's unlike some other politicians who refuse to allow citizen comments at all and show disdain for interactive media. For example, Jon "Comments are Closed" Snyder.

Though at least Snyder is open about discussing government business with corporations in secret. McMorris-Rodgers is more secret with her secrets.

The Republicans are living in the DOS era. But, Democrats are still in the haughty quills and town crier mode. No talking back now from the hoi polloi.

Hear ye, hear ye said...

To all peasant-constituents of Spokane!

Your betters on the city council, in their infinite charity, would deign that you know that they shall be meeting with corporations in secret to plot Spokane's future!

Some of these corporations may be small, but some shall be very, very large!

Some shall actually be owned by city council members!

Your councilmembers would have you know that more communication is better!

Except when talking with you.

Comments are closed, move along. Mind the corporate security guards' orders now. Shoo.

Spineless Turd said...

I actually admire the choices our council members have made.

It has to be more pleasant to meet with the lawyers of an enormous multinational corporation than sit through a sweaty three hour public hearing.

The fine Corinthian leather, the sweet yet piquant smell of rare Cubans...

I've never had caviar but that doesn't mean I wouldn't like it!

SpoKant said...

Corporate communication kicks citizen communication ass, for sure.

Jeff Spocoli said...

Dude, I got an idea.

The politicians film us 24/7, right? I mean, they have cameras and illegal audio recorders in every public building, private buildings, buses, intersections, streets, sidewalks, and parks. They've got licence plate recognition regularly patrolling us in our homes. People who live downtown are prolly never out of sight of the City.

So, why not pass an initiative that city council members must wear video and recording cams 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and stream it to the webz? That way they can have their "private" meetings with big corporations, but we can watch them. I mean, if they have nothing to hide, they have nothing to fear!

As a bonus, we could have heavily armed private security guards shadowing their every move, and implant mosquito sound devices in their ears!

It would be cool to control the mosquito pitch and volume from an xbox, but I know that's asking a lot from old tech.

Ma Hell said...

Well, here's finally some good news. Turns out the President has been tracking the location and conversation partners of EVERYONE IN THE U.S.


Countdown to Democrats calling the latest massive Democratic violation of the Bill of Rights a "nonscandal."

Those nonscandals are sure piling up...