Thursday, June 27, 2013

Nash Metropolitan

Ever since I was a little kid I thought the Nash Metropolitan was the coolest looking car. Especially the Series III. I found this one in the West Central area and it's for sale. (No, I'm not buying one.)


The Rolling Drones said...

I would so totally buy that Nash, but I've been offered such a sweet deal on a 2013 Mercedes C250 coupe. Normally a Mercedes would be totally out if my price range of course, but there's some sort of government incentive program for political commentators.

I can also choose a Google Driverless Car. If you're interested, ask for the NSA luxury package. Just put your request in gmail, any gmail message to anyone, and they'll deliver it remotely to your door.

The Google car is tempting because it promises "freedom from choice."

Mick Jogger said...

You should go with the Google Car.

The Junta may run you into a tree. But, hey, Google Maps!

Gnash said...

Meanwhile, Obama is in a limousine trying to get in to to see his "inspiration" Mandela, even as Obama sics the US B.O.S.S. on modern-day Mandela Snowden.

Maybe Obama can pick up some ideas for Gitmo when he tours Robben Island.

Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years. Obama wants Snowden in the hole for 30. Or, indefinitely. Like PW Botha, Obama has given himself the power.

Yes, it's a long walk to freedom! Just try not to get run over by the President's limo.

Auto Correct said...

Mandela was in Robben for 18 years, but in prison for 27 total.

Still, fair to say that Obama/Holder are seeking sentences for US advocates of democracy longer than the sentences served by South African democracy advocates like Mandela.

I don't think Obama (or partisan Democrats) realize how hypocritical Obama looks. The South African press is much more ambivalent about his posturing than the US. He looks opportunistically trying to steal Mandela's halo. Why this moral claim, exactly? Because his father was born in Kenya, a continent away?

Having visited Mandela's cell, why doesn't he visit a torture chamber at Gitmo?

After all Barrack "Botha" Obama has the power as Commander in Chief to ship Gitmo prisoners to a US military prison right now. If he wants to be Mandela, then free the innocent, and stop torturing them all.

Auto da fey said...

Mandela: Look back here, Barack. Here's the jail cell where they imprisoned me for decades.
Obama: Outrageous, sir.
M: And look out this window, look back to the yard. I had to break rocks there, all day long, with a hammer.
O: Horrible, inhumane.
M: Now look straight out the window. No, look forward. See that big island?
O: No, sorry sir.
M: Look closer, it's Cuba. See the bay?
O: Um, no.
M: It's plain as day! They call it Guantamano. Now, see that building right there, look forward Barack!
O: I can't see it.
M: Why, it's a prison. I can look right through the walls. Can you, Barack?
O: No, sir, could we get back...
M: Forward, Barack, look forward not back. Do you see those emaciated men, some of them without guilt, strapped to tables? Do you see the thugs shoving steel-tipped tubes into their stomachs--oh! That one just hit a lung! He's coughing up blood. See it? Do you see the one getting a cathetheter shoved visciously up his--
O: NO! I do NOT see them.
M: Guards!
Guard: Sir?
M: Show Mr Obama to his cell.
G: This way, sir.
O: No!
M: And have him break some rocks!
O: But why?
M: Trust me, Barack. A few years here and your vision will improve markedly.

Midnight Nash Rambler said...

I'll bet 500 Juggaloes + 100 Keef Richards could fit in that wagon wagon.