Friday, September 27, 2013

Punk-Like Behavior

Republicans are purposely playing chicken and then they'll blame Democrats for making them swerve and crash. Just like that punk kid last week who aimed his kick scooter at me and squawked like it was my fault he crashed when he chickened out.


Guêpes of Wrath said...

Republicans blame Democrats, Democrats blame Republicans, bankers make trillions, the bribes flow, and Americans will be left holding the bag.

The more things change...

Anonymous said...

We need for our personal medical information to be private and used only as we decide to use it.

We cannot trust this President to safeguard our Constityutional right to privacy nor, given his behavior toward Guantamano prisoners, not to weaponize medical treatment.

Until Democrats vote for the impeachment and prosecution of Obama, Americans cannot trust them or their programs.

Democrats and Republicans have punked us long enough. We need to take the lane and hold it.

Slide Rule said...

Obamacare will have a retention problem for many.

Lets say you sign up for Obamacare and it pays 40k of a 50k injury with complications. You pay $10000 plus $2000 in copays and other expenses.

To an economist, you saved $45,000. Yay. But to a real person on limited income, you owe $12,000 and are in collections.

Do you pay off your high interest hospital installments, or put the money toward continuing insurance that fell short last time? In the post-injury context, the mandate penalty looks particularly obscene. ACA will not prevent medically induced slides into poverty.

Considering that your injury would have cost far less to treat abroad, and that Obamacare mandated profit to providers, we are really just creating mechanisms to enrich corporate campaign donors.

Obamacare has an affordability problem not just to get people to sign up, but to keep people signed up. That may be true even after injury supposedly "teaches" them the value of insurance.

We were encouraged by some of the premium numbers last week, but as the larger context emerges from the belatedly released data this week, the plan looks increasingly punitive and oblivious to household budgets. It also undermines better coverage workers have negotiated in the workplace. Just ask Trader Joe employees or the unions Obama betrayed.

ACA is the goverment making sure providers get paid no matter what they charge. ACA has less to do with expanding patient access to treatment, and far more to do with expanding corporate access to wallets.

Medicare for all, now.

Occam's Razor Scooter said...

You meant saved "$40,000" I think.

The greater retention problem is that, unlike Medicare, the government has little means to regulate prices.

The percentage coverage is a real killer. Even if medical inflation is modest per the media and industry, the absolute household exposure on these ridiculously high costs is tremendous. Households haven't had a raise since the 80s.

So much of the focus is on the young, but there is tremendous political uproar possible from the healthy 40+ y.o. cohort stuck with even higher rates until Medicare.

So many assumptions in Obamacare: if, if, if.

Relatively few in Medicare. It's simply a cheaper more stable way to fund and provide medical services.

Anonymous said...

An interesting day.

Bill Clinton, the most corrupt politician since Mobutu Sese Seko, gave an interview at the Clinton Foundation, the titular front for his family's massive kickback scam. At no time did Clinton waterboy George Stephenapolous ask the ex-President the exact amount if speech fees he had taken from health, drug, and investment corporations. Guess what. Wlliam Jefferson Clinton likes Obamacare. That's like Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu wa Za Banga endorsing democracy. Thanks a lot.

On a more positive note, Progressive disgust with cost numbers forced President Obama to finally proffer multi-state federal Blue Cross Blue Shield programs, as a sop for his corrupt dismissal of public option.

But, once again, without full household cost data.

Given the amateur, incomplete, and technologically insecure intro to Obamacare, why not offer the Republicans a three month delay in exchange for a continuing resolution?

And, tell Bill to stfu or face an IRS investigation. Seriously.

Schöne neue said...

The country stands on the razor's edge, but few even notice.

Exactement said...

The Constitution requires the president to spend what Congress has instructed him to spend, to raise only those taxes Congress has authorized him to impose and to borrow no more than Congress authorizes.

If President Obama spends what the law orders him to spend and collects the taxes Congress has authorized him to collect, then he must borrow more than Congress has authorized him to borrow. If the debt ceiling is not raised, he will have to violate one of these constitutional imperatives. Which should he choose? NYTimes.

Exactly what the Scablands Cell has said for days! Wake up New York elites!!

Alles Neue said...

Hey, alles glänzt, so schön neu
Hey, wenn's dir nicht gefällt, mach neu! (whoo!)
Die Welt mit Staub bedeckt, doch ich will sehn wo's hingeht
Steig auf den Berg aus Dreck, weil oben frischer Wind weht
Hey, alles glänzt, so schön neu

Hey, everything shines, so new
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The world covered with dust, but I want to see where it's leading to
Climb on the mountain of dirt, because up there a fresh wind blows
Hey, everything shines, so new

Anonymous said...

Everything CMR was saying about the Republicans leading makes her sound so much like the partisan hack she is. The woman standing next to her had a frown on her face the whole if she does not believe a single word spewing out of CMR's mouth.

कबीर كبير said...

And when you wake up
Don't fall back asleep

Anonymous said...

The Scablands Crüe is more than ready for "Generals" Alexander, Clapper, and Holder.

Bring it on, little boys.

Anonymous said...

Meh, I myself like listening to Clinton drone on self-importantly, the effect is sonorous and yet comical, kind of Leghorn plus Bono.

You never know if Bubba will get carried away and tell us the exact amount he got in exchange for repealing Glass-Steagall. I'm sure he thinks that story is a hoot. Or for WTO. Talk about betting against America. Clinton won, we lost.

The Democrats have all the sweet big talkers. Cruz is no Clinton.

Braking Bad said...

I suspect Clapper and Alexander ride Segways.

Totally badass, those two.

Baking Bud said...

That Congressional staffer is probably just sad at her own health care costs, thanks to her party...

Flaking Cad said...

Given that the exchanges aren't ready anyway, and tomorrow is opening day, and coverage doesn't kick in until Jan, and the enrollment period is already pushed out to March...

Doesn't this suggest the two sides will compromise on an ACA delay between 1 month and 4 months?

Tomorrow the news will be ACA glitches, snags, delays, and unfulfilled promises. Why would Democrats want that narrative? Otoh, the GOP will never get a year delay, or anything that prevents some approximation of calendar year sync (since the law references the calendar year).

A month would be a facesaver for the GOP, but also a reprieve for Dems.

Anonymous said...

Boehner will bring the shutdown but will drop the "clean" bill on the floor before a default. It will pass. Boehner just wants to score enough points to try to eke out continuing as Speaker. He won't succeed, unless Democrats cut a deal and vote for him. But, that just delays the inevitable.

Much ado about nut thing.