Thursday, October 17, 2013

Getting What They Deserve

Cathy McMorris Rodgers is catching from everybody on her Facebook page. Some (like myself) fault her for her folly, lack of leadership, and hypocrisy and others because they felt she didn't go far enough. Here's a recap of her party's demands. What a shame that they shut down the government for nothing but even more so because plenty of Republicans think the lesson learned was that they didn't stay the course, which included defaulting on the national debt to go along with the shutdown.
See you in 90 days.


Anonymous said...

McMoRo voted that federal employees get a 1% raise plus a two week paid vacation, er, furlough.

What they deserve, I assume?

Party on, feds.

Meanwhile, Obama uses his new clout to nominate drone apologist Jeh Johnson to head Homeland Security, straight from the Pentagon. That's right, the man who argues that the President can murder anyone, at anytime, anywhere, with zero constitutional restrictions, now has the US beat. The Junta expands its turf, using the budget distraction to further militarize the country.

Good thing DHS is in the ACA hub. That way Johnson can have a baseball card with intimate stats on every citizen. After all, Johnson says we're fair targets.

By nominating Johnson, Obama is elevating a person who was intimately involved in making decisions about the targeted killings of suspected Al Qaeda members. Johnson personally made legal determinations on purported terrorists that the military planned to kill, arrayed before him in files known inside the Pentagon as "baseball cards," according to former U.S. officials LATimes

Teh Jeh said...

Johnson is ideal for DHS because he Mr. Drones, advocates for indefinite detention, but wrote a memo favoring (kinda) gays in the military service. So liberals will give him a free pass. Possible opportunity for Progressives to align with Amash, Paul etc though. The DHS needs to be disbanded, opposing Johnson could be a starting place.

Elite Democrats are all over the media talking about breaking up the GOP and making an alliance with the "sensible" Wall Street faction. Which is perfect. We are very happy. Democrats are even citing Karl Rove as a mentor! Perfect! Disgusting, yes, but perfect for Progressives eager to split.

Establishment Democrats seem unaware that they need a unified Republican party to justify their own calls for unity, and to justify Obama's right wing policies.

amidnightrider said...

I don't thing Anonymous likes our President.

small a said...

Don't know about Anonymous, but here we love everyone, including the President. But what does that matter?

All of us voted for likable Obama in 2008, but we can no longer support his violations of the Bill of Rights, war powers, torture conventions or his unwillingness to prosecute and regulate the powerful. Other people we like are harmed by his policies. Democracy is more lovely at its ugliest than a handsome man who violates the Constitution.

Unfortunately, we don't think the President much cares for Progressives, particularly us commoner ones. But, to paraphrase FDR, we 'll just have to invite his hatred. We know we'll never get a return to the rule of law and equality by working for him. Time to work against him.

The Devil in Mr. Drones said...

As of today we have three Republican parties: the Democrats, the rump GOP, and the Tea Party. God bless em all.

But, just once in my life, I'd like to vote FOR a party that represents me, not vote AGAINST a party that my evil party claims is yet more evil.

I'd like some change I can believe in. Not a bunch of lies about surveillance, not leering elites, not an antiquated dysfunctional Bismarckian health care system, not anti-democratic globalization, not paramilitary policing, not Berlin Wall borders, not Stasi, no, not not not!

We meed a robust debate in this country and we have three parties that hate each other but barely differ practically on the issues.

Profit from Conflict said...

Some fortunate federal employees will likely get paid twice for not working this month.

Several states are expected to allow federal workers who collected unemployment insurance during the government shutdown to keep both those benefits and the back pay they're set to receive, according to the Labor Department. Oregon, about 4,400 filed unemployment claims and 1,300 took the other steps needed to receive a week of benefits. They got an average of roughly $450 each and a total $680,000. The employees are not eligible to be paid for the first and third weeks of the shutdown because they worked parts of those weeks...

The federal government is expected to reimburse the state for the outlays because the furloughed workers are government employees...

USA Today

Log in your eye said...

What I enjoyed most about the budget battle was listening to Democrats and the media condemn the "big-money backers" of the Tea Party.

First they condemned the Tea Party for being controlled by big-money backers.

Then they condemned the Tea Party for being "out of control" of big-money backers.

But never did they mention the big-money backers of the Democratic Party. Will Obama return his contributions from Goldman Sachs and Pharma? Are big-money backers bad or not?

Then the President condemned bloggers for profiting from the conflict.

Now, that's rich.

Fucking bloggers and their big-money backers.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad the administration didn't heed our advice to "delay" Obamcare for 1-4 months until the exchanges were ready.

Obama was so intent on unconditionally shaming the GOP and Tea Partiers that he failed to recognize a practical and political opportunity provided by the budget showdown.

As we warned, the story is now about the Democrats ACA fiasco, despite the media's spin on behalf of the administration.

How weird to read the New York Time's Obama sycophant Keller from just last week:

Unless you’ve been bamboozled by the frantic fictions of the right wing, you know that the Affordable Care Act, familiarly known as Obamacare, has begun to accomplish its first goal: enrolling millions of uninsured Americans, many of whom have been living one medical emergency away from the poorhouse. You realize those computer failures that have hampered sign-ups in the early days — to the smug delight of the critics — confirm that there is enormous popular demand.

Actually, this whole paragraph is a fictional bamboozle. The early data, received after Keller wrote, does not support his assertions. Relatively few have signed up, and poor preparation and code--not unpredictable demand--crashed the federal exchange.

We hope this debacle leads to a more sensible, single payer approach. But we fear the President's incompetence will doom healthcare reform for another generation, much as the Clintons' incompetence and greed did in the 1990s.

Reason said...

Progressives got the shutdown right because we want to do healthcare right. Unlike the other political paties, we aren't beholden to big-money interests.

Progressives want the beloved and efficient Medicare expanded to all, funded through general revenues, and an end to the payroll tax.

Democrats want a dysfunctional Frankenstein system that pleases Pharma and guarantees profit to private health insurers, but is a Kafkaesque nightmare to citizens. They would retain Medicare for seniors and expand Medicaid, but adequately fund neither program nor ACA subsidies.

The GOPRump wants the current awful system, with emergency room care at best for the poor, but protects Medicare.

The Tea Party would cut Medicare, end Medicaid, and limit government involvement.

Of all the parties, Progressives are in the best position to make their case to the people. We would rely on proven government mechanisms to deliver payment to providers, control costs, and collect taxes. No mandate gimmicks, no forcing the IRS or other agencies to perform unfamiliar roles.

No constitutional issues. No NSA/Homeland Security access to health records, either.

Medicare For All is the answer to the ACA debacle. It's pointless to waste money on a total rewrite of the exchange code when that money could efficiently increase the capacity of the existing, working Medicare reimbursement system.

Anonymous said...

Democrats are crowing "mission accomplished."

The President botched the ACA, but no worries, no one is madder than he is at the problems. Who exactly is he mad at? Bloggers?

Job growth is in the tank.

Obama's TSA admits to searches in the US which are Fourth (Fifth etc) Amendment violations. Yes, TSA with a T, not an N.

Banks unregulated. Global warming unchecked.

But hey, at least Democrats are "defeating" the GOP and the Tea Party. And the American people.

Actually, Progressives, who were sidelined by Obama's illegal NSA/FBI shutdown of Occupy, have come out ahead, and without the blinders of hubris.

Whiplash said...

The GOP-Rump and the Democrats are taking each other out. Well, Obama is also taking himself out. It's weird that we had nothing to gain by warning Democrats on ACA, but they ignored the techno-literate left anyway. Of course Obama blames bloggers.

If Democrats run corrupt Hillary, and there is a strong Tea Party bid, Progressive-Greens could get 15% in the 2016 general. Or more. Especially if the Democrats throw our candidate in jail again. Add a Bloomsburg-clone, and the race is open, and headed for the House.

Have some popcorn and a neckbrace.

Splitnik said...

Obama has definitely cashed out the bank of Bush v Gore.

Progressives owe nothing to Democrats or liberals.

Split. Run on Medicare For All.

Splitsville said...

Run on dismantling the surveillance state, too.

The TSA illegal overreaching is incredible. It only pales next to the NSA crimes. More of that to come, apparently.

Impeach the incompetent Commander in Creep.