Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Look At The Bright Side

With the season's oncoming darkness and coldness--no, he was elected eight years ago--I return to riding the STA bus to work. I take the 124 Express from Hastings Park 'n' Ride. When that route started early this year a multitude of parking spaces in the lot were at my disposal and I would luxuriously sprawl across two seats, if luxury exists on a STA bus, quietly sing along with my iPod and disturb not a soul. All that has changed. If I catch the 7:00 am bus, I have to arrive almost 15 minutes beforehand--when the 6:45 bus leaves--in order to park in the lot. Otherwise, I am relegated to the street with the other unlucky patrons. The bus is packed with riders and I must pile my gym bag and backpack on my lap and I sing along with Death Cab For Cutie in my head.

It's great this many people are not driving those extra 9 miles to work.

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