Thursday, October 9, 2008

North-South Corridor Bike Trail

The Washington State Department of Transportation wants us to name the path it is constructing as part of the North Spokane Corridor. BTW that page has an incorrect link the PDF format map. The correct location is here.

I think it's great that a pedestrian/bike path is being constructed. I'd love to have more of them networking in Spokane. But look at the route and ask yourself, what does it connect me to? Does it have another use besides recreational? Do any of the children who go to Northwood Middle and Farwell Elementary schools live along the path? Are there any stores along the path I could shop at or pick up a few groceries? In short, does this simply allow the use of bikes as opposed to promote their use?

This is tough because we want bike paths. But we're better served when we create routes that promote bike use and not simply permit it. So how do we do that? Maybe I'm splitting hairs, but that's my two cents. Hope you come up with a good name 'cause my mind is blank. But you already knew that, eh?

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