Monday, October 27, 2008

But She's Trying Really Hard

I received another email from Cathy McMorris Rodgers. It must be election time or something.

I recently introduced the Kids with Healthy Hearts Act, H.R. 7052, that would create a demonstration project to provide up to five competitive grants to school districts to take the blood pressure readings of children in kindergarten through sixth grade to help identify children with hypertension or early signs of hypertension. Students found with high blood pressure would be referred to a health care provider by the school nurse and information would be provided to the family on the risks and health problems associated with hypertension.

There is a dramatic increase in the number of American children who are becoming markedly overweight. The relationship between hypertension, diabetes and obesity is a very significant health concern. More and more children are exercising less, and eating increasing amounts of widely available, inexpensive foods high in fat, sugar and salt.

Lack of exercise probably has nothing to do with the highly valued car-centric lifestyle we need in order to go to school, church, buy groceries, or do just about anything. People don't eat inexpensive foods high in fat, sugar and salt just because it's what they can afford. And that high fructose corn syrup you find on just about any ingredient label doesn't contribute to the high rates of obesity and diabetes in America. Our Congresswoman is correct to be concerned about the health of our children, and what does she want to do about it? Check their blood pressure. How comprehensive and meaningful is that?

The problem here is that I'm missing what's really important. Kids With Healthy Hearts Act sounds very, very nice.

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