Saturday, October 4, 2008

River Cleanup

The Friends of the Falls held their sixth annual river cleanup today. I signed up as a cyclist and brought my trailer in case there was something sizable to haul to the pickup point. I ended up hauling the rusted remains of a couple of barrels.

Josh, our team leader, gives us our safety briefing.

Jon hit the mother lode. You can't see them very well but he also has a full bag of garbage (white) and a full bag of recycleables (blue) hanging off the back of his bike.

There was a contest for the oddest items. Someone found a sex toy that, from the size of it, would have been appropriate for an elephant. It was huge! How does something like that end up in the Spokane River? I'm sure there's a story there.

The "toy" was left in the blue bag to maintain some propriety. I entertained myself for a while by watching people check out the contest entries. "What's in the bag--Oh my gosh!"

Good work for a good cause. Doing it again next year.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for being there, Hank!
As soon as we have the totals on how much we picked up & how much was recycled, we'll post them at

Anonymous said...

It was fun day. Some strange stuff picked up. Some of my pics I posted to my Web Site.

SteveF has the Disks with pics of everything I took.

Steve Dawson