Sunday, August 19, 2012

Children Of The Sun Trail

It's been a while since I last checked the trail so I took a look during my morning ride today. From Wandermere it's easy riding through Mead until you hit the section at Parksmith which is almost complete.
This is the bridge that crosses Parksmith and takes you to the newest bridge. This short bit of gravel is no problem for a road bike.
The surface on the new bridge is complete but the railing isn't finished. No, you're not supposed to go through here yet, but nobody's here on Sunday morning.
That's the new bridge in the distance. The far half of this bit is compacted and easy to ride. The near half is loose gravel. I had to walk my road bike but you can tell that fatter tires have come through here.
Here's the view looking north again. It's smooth sailing southward from here.
Continuing south on the trail past Gerlach, there's another new stretch that includes a bridge crossing over Lincoln. 
From there, you end up in a parking lot, presumably a trail head, across the street from the URM Store shipping facility. From here you can take Freya south to Upriver Drive.

I might use this as a longer commuter route, but I have to see what the morning traffic is like on Freya since there's little or no shoulder from Francis to Esmeralda Golf Course.


Charles said...

WASDOT Got the money to extend the Children of the Sun Trail to near the Ice House and then a path over to Market near the Hillyard pool.

Dan said...

Freya from Francis to Golf Course is pretty rough. Road is rough, narrow, and lots of big trucks and construction vehicles pulling trailers. I used to go over to Magnesium after the trail and then head south on Regal. I look forward to the day when they are completely done with the CST to see how it turns out. Right now, from where I live, it is a trail to nowhere. But it does have potential.

Hank Greer said...


Yes, I did find Freya lacking. I've been riding out Magnesium to Regal on my morning commutes to get some more riding time in. The trail offers some traffic free time, which I look forward to.

Hank Greer said...


Thanks for the info. I like how the trail links to Mead and Shady Slope. The more connections, the better.