Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's An Election Year

Cathy McMorris Rodgers' statement on the House's vote on H.R. 8, the Job Protection and Recession Prevention Act of 2012, extending the Bush tax cuts for another year.

“At a time when America is suffering through the worst economy since the Great Depression, I couldn’t think of a worse idea than raising taxes on any American,” said Rep. McMorris Rodgers.  “President Obama’s plan to raise taxes is a job killer, and House Republicans are determined to stop it. The bill we passed today will extend the current tax rates for all Americans, providing much-needed tax certainty.  By removing the threat of ‘taxmageddon,’ our bill will bolster America’s economy and create jobs.”  

Because the tax cuts, which have been in effect for over a decade, have done nothing to create jobs. But they have increased the burden of providing government revenue on the poor and increased the burden of maintaining wealth on the wealthy. So...yeah...that, um...evens out.

Because everybody hates taxes and if you keep reminding them then they won't think about the consequences of having low taxes. See above paragraph.

Because, for Cathy McMorris Rodgers and her party, uncertainty should only apply to whether or not the government can even run--except for the parts that bomb and shoot people.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your "election"!

Anonymous said...

It's an election year, but I don't know anyone who plans to vote. The only yard signs are on the lawns of mansions, and even those are for local races. No one talks about politics, and certainly not in a partisan manner. Neither party has offered any policy to discuss. Government agencies put up signs admonishing people to vote, rather than remaining neutral on citizens right to vote or not. The elites are basically asking "Do you approve of the job we're doing?" and then rigging the outcome so the only answer is "yes."

This isn't an election, it's a plebiscite. Most people would choose to say no.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the third time Obama and the Democrats have vowed to end the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy? Why should we believe them now? Heck, why didn't they stand up to the wealthy and Wall Street in 2008-2010?

If a Republican House means a Libor investigation that includes an inquiry into Geithner, that's about all we can expect for the next four years. Obama won't condescend to provide any better policy rationale.

Anonymous said...

Seriously. Apathy will drown the US. If the only motivated voters are voting for Ms. McMorris Rodgers and her party, then the morass we're in will pull us down further. Are they really willing to bring the country to a complete standstill and potential ruin just to get their way? Sort of like the child who refuses to share a ball with others, only realising that they've ruined recess for everyone when the bell rings? It is going to be a very loud bell.

Anonymous said...

Both parties agree on anti-labor trade deals, and so we hear absolutely nothing during this campaign about the deals Clinton and Obama signed with Republican congresses, nor even about the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership, other than that it exists and is being negotiated in utter secrecy. The unelected elites in charge of this agreement won't even allow the full Congress to know about the relevant details. The TPP will pass no matter which bogus party the "voters" select.

Voters don't matter anymore. Only corporate "stakeholders" matter. This new category of the ultra-powerful trumps erstwhile "citizens."

On a day of dismal employment figures caused by the bigoted trade deals of the past and Clinton's bank deregulation, shouldn't the media be demanding a robust debate from the candidates on TPP?

Nah. The media are stakeholders themselves.

Anonymous said...

Obama's rhetoric does seem aimed to make the Prius-plus-SUV set feel good about themselves. I love reading Robert Herold's wine-and-cheesers in the Inlander. It's like that guy just retypes DNC missives with one hand and pats himself on the back with the other.

At least Nethercutt can pull a surprise. He like bikes! (In Europe)

Does either party have a plan to cut greenhouse gasses? No. Before you say "Solyndra, bitch!" admit that simply adding renewable capacity will not do the trick (see demand comma inelastic).

Does either party have a plan for fair trade? No.

Meaningful banking or Wall Street reform?No.

Significant differences on war powers, surveillance, torture prosecutions, Gitmo? No, course not.

Apathetic people vote. People who care won't.

Abdulrahman said...

What I miss are those Bush-era NOT IN MY NAME bumper stickers.

Does that mean the drone killings and assassination of American citizens etc. are the moral responsibility of liberal Democrats now? Will they attach bumper stickers admitting IN MY NAME?

No, because Obama is their great moral cleansing agent.

Anonymous said...

So what if they gave a primary and nobody came? I think (non)voters just lifted a middle finger to both parties across the state.

Anonymous said...

"Coke or Pepsi?"

Just water, thanks.

"Venti frappuccino or triple mochaccino?"

Coffee, black, please. Small.

"Whopper or Big Mac?"

Neither, really no thank you.

"Taco Bell or Taco Time?"

Y'know, I think I'll just stay home and make a sandwich from the garden.