Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I had lunch at a local establishment downtown and didn't look that close when I grabbed a drink. After sitting down and cracking it open I noticed the bottom of the container looked a little pale. The bottom of the bottle is heavily indented so it appears to be as large as the other drinks, but actually contains less liquid. How ironic that this is made by Honest Tea, which has a much different looking bottle on it's web site even though it still contains the reduced 16.9 ounces. Disingenuousty?


The Organic Capitalist said...

Like Ice T said: don't hate the player, hate the game.

Anonymous said...

Here's a story that pretty much sums up the state of honesty in American business and government.

Fifty years ago Richard Eggers used a cardboard nickel at a laundromat. He got caught, and did his time.

That was 1963, Eggers was 19. Today, his employer Wells Fargo fired the 68 year old customer service rep to comply with new FDIC regulations.

That just so perfectly sums up the Obama/Bush administration approach to the banking crisis, business honesty, and class issues. Wells Fargo execs took a huge chunk of TARP and faced no consequences for their illegal activities. Goldman Sachs execs even got an unusual get-out-of-prosecution-free card. Obama and Romney have both received massive contributions from corporations and the banks.

But, hey, can't have any 68-year-old low-level employees who used plug nickels in 1963. That would look shady.

So much for "look forward not back."