Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Firsts For This Commuting Year

My first bike lane blocker.

I've also had my first yell by. You know, where someone leans out the window of a passing vehicle and yells, "Get the f&#k off the road!" Sometimes a cyclist can hold up a car for 10 seconds. That's an eternity when your driving.

My first near-bike collision. Some guy riding around the water fountain at Riverfront Park turned right at me while he was looking behind. At what? Who knows.

But these things are to be expected since it's not a perfect world. The weather has been awesome. Cool and crisp in the mornings and toasty on the way home. But I'm ready for the rain in the forecast. I'm also seeing other commuters I met last year as well as meeting new ones. Cool!

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Nick said...

I find those park jobs frustrating as well. But, my favorite are those who park on the sidewalk when there is no bike lane available for them to park in. Because, much like the bike lane, nobody uses the sidewalk, right?