Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yer Not From 'Round Here, Are Ya?

Over the weekend Kathy called a florist in Issaquah to have flowers delivered to my sister. (Kathy prefers to call florists directly instead of calling a national chain.) The person who answer had a rather strong accent, possibly from the New England area. While Kathy was giving the man her information, he asked how to spell Spokane. She thought that was a bit odd but did so and he says, "Oh, that's in Washington!" Well, maybe someone in Issaquah has never heard of Spokane before. So she continues and gives my sister's address. Then came the question, "How do you spell Issaquah?" he asked. So Kathy has to ask, "Where are you exactly?" Turns out the guy just moved there and all these Washington names were strange to him. Kathy was relieved she wasn't speaking to someone in a different country because she wants the money to go to the florist and not to a middleman.

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