Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Fun Day

Stephanie and Josh have mastered the art of blowing ring bubbles. Josh learned about this reading a magazine while waiting for a haircut. It's a ring-shaped bubble of air like the one you see in the photo. It's pretty cool. They hold a five pound weight to their collarbone so they sink to the bottom and stay there. And then they say, "Pop...pop...pop". Each "pop" is said quickly. Don't forget to come back up for more air.

Some friends of our who are new to cycling took our tandem for a test ride. John says it and my Trek ride so much smoother than his 1974 Schwinn Continental. He still has the owner's manual and the receipt showing he paid $162 for the Schwinn. I wonder how much that is in 2009 dollars.

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Lucas said...

According to the inflation calculator I found at "What cost $162 in 1974 would cost $699.73 in 2008." So, there you go.