Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sit! Stay!

Thanks to EvilElf for bringing this to my attention by posting about it. Apparently I have been removed from the email list again.

Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers wants to educate and inform us about the health care proposals and options. Take a close look at her web page where she asks for feedback from us.

Look closely at the options she presents. (1) Don't change anything or (2) pay less and potentially wait weeks for tests and months for treatment. Why are those the only options she presents? What about those people who don't have health insurance? What is the basis for the second option? Apparently she thinks you and I are too stupid to know any better and that we're easily led with false logic.

Our congresswoman claims to truly care about our health. But when you look at who she can help the most it's easy to see that she's not thinking about them.

From the Luntz memo (PDF file): The best approach is to empathize with the fear, anxiety and financial pain people are clearly feeling right now. So instead of dismissing their concerns, acknowledge them – up front – and then pivot to your solution. Some conservatives will undoubtedly find this distasteful.

Really? I wonder if she does.

Like EvilElf said, She has definitely been given her marching orders. I envy the easiness of her job. "Here is what you need to say. Just say it." Over and over again.

It's like she's trying to get us used to the feel of the collar and leash so she can lead us in the same direction as the one pulling her.

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Lucas said...

ah, the evil Luntz memo rears its ugly head again. Good post, Hank. We really need to get rid of McMorris-Rodgers in the next go-round.