Tuesday, July 21, 2009

If It Sounds Too Good To be True...

I was reading a review of a camera on PCWorld and I saw this user review at the end of the article.

This is an absolute MUST for everyone looking to get a new Camera! ...BUT, the price is a little to high in my opinion, I never would have got one if I never got mine for FREE!. Luckily a friend recommended this website to me before I went and bought one: **- www.cameras.justgetitfree.com - ** . I checked out the website, completed ONE simple offer and met the requirements to receive one for FREE, it arrived a month later in the post! It was also shown on BBC and CNN news!!

Hmm, sounds too good to be true, doesn't it. How many companies give away $1250 cameras just for signing up on a web site. So I searched for "justgetitfree.com" and found other reviews that were remarkably similar.

One for a laptop. One for a personal computer. And one for an iPod.

So I took a look at www.justgetitfree.com and found this.

A credit/debit card will be required to make register for the 'eAuction Tutor' offer, I contacted them about this when I was getting my first free gift and they have assured me that it is to prevent duplication of accounts and to save space on there servers. They will not charge a thing to your account as it's a <--FREE TRIAL!-->

Not very reassuring, is it?

The "free" seems to be misleading. When you sign up, you agree to complete one offer to activate your account and you have to provide a credit card. You have to pay to make an offer, whatever that consists of, and then get other people to be referrals for other offers so you can have them count towards your "free" prize. That's why you'll find tons of links posted by people who want to use you as a referral for their account. They'll even create a site called www.justgetitfree.com so people drawn into the trap will be referrals for whoever has account 7226.

It's based in the United Kingdom and it's legal but it's still a scam. You'd think that the sites reviewing cameras, computers, etc., would look at the reviews and weed out that kind of junk. But maybe that's just me.


Anonymous said...

Well, thanks for taking the dive to find out about this "free stuff" site.

I, too, was looking at a camera on PC World and got the "Too good to be true" nag in my brain. So, I plugged the website into my search bar and came up with the same references to "reviews" from PC World and other sites related to electronics. All were word-for-word the same.

I went to Ask.com, questioned the website and your blog was at the top of the subsequent list of answers.

Hank Greer said...

Cool! Glad I was helpful.