Monday, November 16, 2009

Knickknacks For Today

My family informs me that it is entirely inappropriate of me--I believe the word they used was "gross"--to remove earwax from my hearing aids at the dinner table.

Sometimes I find out something strange and sometimes it's best not to ask me how I ended up going there.

Steph asked if she could take my copy of the MIT Guide to Lock Picking to school to read during Honors English. Turns out she more interested in her teacher's reaction than she was the subject matter. I wonder where she gets that from?

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Shan said...

Meh... as parents of a teen and a toddler, there really isn't anything that we haven't discussed at the table. None of us wear hearing aids, but I could describe in great detail the giant ball of multi-colored goo (and all it's broken off parts) that was pulled from my husband's ear a couple of years ago. Coincidentally, he was telling Mad about it tonight (she's 19 months old and did not object). It's much harder these days to "act normal" when friends or family are around for a meal, though, haha.