Wednesday, November 11, 2009

WIP Snapped!

Usually any projects done in the house, such as painting, wall paper, flooring, etc., take place as a result of a discussion that Kathy and I have had. Granted, she's more likely to bring up the need for the project and convince me, but then it's a mutual decision that this project will take place.

But every once in a while I end up with a wife initiated project--a WIP. This is a unilateral decision not involving me yet involving work...for me. You can imagine my less-than-keen desire for such projects. For instance, out of the blue a couple months ago some paint and paint supplies appeared and I learned that I was going to paint two walls. The new color on each wall will make them "look nice."

In front of one of the walls is our heaviest piece of furniture, a rosewood china cabinet, which I have moved twice before for painting projects, the need for which were determined by the For-better-and-for-worse committee of which I am a co-chair. (Hmm, could the frequent appearance of the word "which" be some sort of foreshadowing?)

So what's the big deal about moving the china cabinet, you ask? Well, it's just as much psychological as it is physical. The last two times I moved in my Air Force days, I moved all of our stuff myself. Both moves were local, from Geiger Heights to Fairchild and then from Fairchild to our home. After that I swore I was never moving my stuff again. I don't even like to rearrange the furniture. So it's with great reluctance that I agree to a project that involves moving furniture and appliances.

As I mentioned before, some paint and associated supplies have been waiting patiently to be put to use. But patience has worn thin and SWMBO has cracked the whip in order to get the WIP done. I was recently informed that the the For-better-and-for-worse committee has been supplanted by the 'Til-death-do-us-part committee, of which I am not a member, and I am strongly encouraged to paint the two walls and make them "look nice" which--there's that word again--doesn't sound as appealing when spoken through gritted teeth.

I never should have agreed to getting more cable channels. If I don't post anything for a while and without explanation, don't let her be the first to get off scot-free.

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Judith said...

Thanks for educating me re: WIP and SWMBO. I'll introduce these concepts very soon on the home front... Will let you know how this flies... This will be a major role reversal as most things are here are HIP and HWMBO. Now that I'll be retired, I'll be able to implement.

Eternally grateful,

Aunt Judith