Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just When You Think They Can't Get Any Crazier

Frank Gaffney, a master at delusional paranoia, thinks the decrease in funding for the Missile Defense Agency and the new logo for the agency indicate Obama's plan to submit us to Shariah.

Now, thanks to an astute observation by Christopher Logan of the Logans Warning blog, we have another possible explanation for behavior that — in the face of rapidly growing threats posed by North Korean, Iranian, Russian, Chinese and others’ ballistic missiles — can only be described as treacherous and malfeasant: Team Obama’s anti-anti-missile initiatives are not simply acts of unilateral disarmament of the sort to be expected from an Alinsky acolyte. They seem to fit an increasingly obvious and worrying pattern of official U.S. submission to Islam and the theo-political-legal program the latter’s authorities call Shariah.

What could be code-breaking evidence of the latter explanation is to be found in the newly-disclosed redesign of the Missile Defense Agency logo (above). As Logan helpfully shows, the new MDA shield appears ominously to reflect a morphing of the Islamic crescent and star with the Obama campaign logo.

And he points to the proof.

Yeah, I'm pretty much convinced by all the overwhelming evidence, too.

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Lucas said...

These people obviously have no idea how long it takes to requisition and approve any change of such magnitude in a government agency. Odds are this ball was rolling before Obama was inaugurated.