Sunday, February 14, 2010

Makin' Bacon On Valentine's Day

Boy, what I won't say to get your attention, eh? Sorry, this is about cooking bacon. This morning's treat is a two pound package of thick-sliced bacon. I slow cook it on the griddle until it's done but not crispy. I take it off and squeeze all the grease out. I wipe the grease off the griddle and put the bacon back on. Then I drizzle the bacon with real maple syrup. None of that chemically flavored high fructose stuff here. We're trying to eat healthy nowadays, right? I stir the bacon around so all it gets coated in the carmelized syrup.

Every piece disappears and the one question you won't hear is, "Are you going to eat your fat?" It is so sticky, sickly sweet and good that even Kathy, who's not much of a meat eater, eats a couple of pieces, fat and all.


Shan said...

Oh man... now I know what we're having for breakfast!

Sherry said...

"Are you going to eat your fat?"