Wednesday, July 14, 2010

But He's Not A Racist

Racism is alive and well in America and trying very hard to appear sane, rational and reasonable. Here's a sterling example.

Ryan Murdough, of Ashland, is running as a Republican for a State House seat in Grafton County's 8th District in New Hampshire. Check out this article in the Concord Monitor that was prompted by his letter to the editor in which he stated white people need to preserve their racial identity.

Murdough says he's nonviolent, that his vision for a new America can be achieved without resorting to genocide or imprisonment.

So please, don't call him a racist. He says that's not true.

"I would ask you about your version of racist," Murdough said. "The word does not have a specific definition. If someone says, 'You seem to hate people who aren't white,'

I say no, so I can't really be a racist, because I don't hate them. I just don't want to live around areas that are heavily, predominantly non-white."

"The older you get, the wiser you get," Murdough said. "I started to observe things, after high school especially . . . things that I found that were wrong and unjust. I started educating myself politically and religiously and racially. It started coming together, and they all just made sense."

Here is what this self educated man taught himself.

He spoke about theories that were hard to digest, speculating that DNA and committing crimes could be related.

"I'll be the first one to say there's good and bad in all races," Murdough said. "But you can't ignore overall group differences because of individual exceptions.

Like him as an individual representative white person.

"Listen, just because I choose not to live in those types of neighborhoods doesn't mean I'm a racist," he continued. "I'd just rather live in a place that would be safer for my kids, and most of the those places happen to be white. New Hampshire is an example."

Those types of neighborhoods with those types of people. Charles Manson, John Wayne Gacy, and Bonnie and Clyde were all white and presumably would make better neighbors than nonwhites.

Murdough reveres the founding fathers, but Abraham Lincoln? "One of the worst presidents ever. He waged war against the South."

Apparently for no good reason.

Martin Luther King Jr.? Don't get him started. King was a prostitute-chasing communist who plagiarized his work in college, Murdough says. The heck with the civil rights movement King led. Murdough doesn't believe in that cause anyway.

"He wasn't out for civil rights," Murdough said. "He was out for the black man. If you argue against something that's politically correct, such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Jewish issues, you're persona non grata."

What does being "out for the black man" mean exactly?

"I've even read some things where Jews are considered white because of their skin," Murdough said. "Technically, they're a different race than white people. They're Semitic; that's not white."

I knew there was something about Sammy Davis Jr. that wasn't quite right. He was Jewish.

Even though whites weren't America's original settlers, Murdough says American Indians would have to leave, too, just like members of all other non-white races. We came, we saw, we conquered. Too bad.

"What happened with them was unfortunate," Murdough said. "But the way lands are taken over is the way it works. They were here, the Western settlers took over and the rest is history."

Whites displacing nonwhites is unfortunate. But the nonwhites were conquered and that's that. The reverse is not permissable.

The conversation continued along these lines, from a man who says immigration of any kind must stop so America can be white as snow.

He tempered his comments along the way, separating himself from the Klan and Hitler by mentioning his job. Murdough works with special-needs kids at the Spaulding Youth Center in Tilton.

"I work directly with kids that are not white and people that are not white on a daily basis," Murdough said. "I don't have a problem working with them. That would be immature to be mean to someone based on skin color."

He works directly with kids that are not while so that makes it okay. And if you feel an overwhelming desire to help him run for office, the American Third Position is trying to raise money for him. Go whitey!


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