Sunday, January 1, 2012

Extending The Children Of the Sun Trail

Progress on the North-South Corridor continues and yesterday, while taking my new ride out for a spin, I happened to check out the new section of North-South Corridor roadway that's going to connect Highway 395 with Highway 2 and the existing NSC roadway. In doing so I discovered that the Children of the Sun Trail will continue to run parallel to the NSC all the way to the Village Centre Cinema at Wandermere. I stumbled upon the trail where Pittsburgh ends a block north of Northwood Middle School.

Looking west on the trail from Pittsburgh. There will eventually be a chain link fence separating the trail from the roadway.

A pleasant downhill going towards Wandermere.

From here you can turn down Wandermere Road or continue onwards on the left.

End of the trail. Welcome to the movies. Note that to the right is a controlled intersection so you can get across Highway 395 and head towards the Mead High School area or northwest to Mill Road.

At the other end, there's a trail head on the north side of the NSC connecting to Shady Slope Road. There are two paths to take from here. Going left takes you to an underpass.

The underpass gets you on the south side of the NSC.

Giving kids who live on the north side of the NSC a safe way to get to Farwell Elementary and Northwood Middle Schools. Nice.

Following the right side path from the Shady Slope trail head takes you across Highway 2 and to this bridge crossing Farwell Road and connecting to the existing trail. As you can see, the danger signs probably refer to the fact that the sides of the bridge are not completed.

All of the trail is paved except for a section that runs parallel to the NSC from Farwell school to Pittsburgh. In the meantime you can dump out at Farwell school, follow Center west to Pittsburgh, turn right and get back on at the end of the road. Even though the roadway and trail are not officially open to traffic yet, there was no shortage of runners and dog walkers making use of them yesterday. Hopefully that will increase once it's open.

Houses by Wandermere Golf Course in the shadow of a NSC bridge.


Mike said...

Hey...another trail to run. How many miles does Children of the Sun go?

Hank Greer said...

Here's the route of the trail so far. I show two ways to go by Farwell and Northwood. The southern path going by the schools is pavement. The northern path is not paved yet.

Hank Greer said...


I guess I should answer your question. With the new part it looks to be a little over five miles.

Wileydog said...

Thanks for the report, Hank. I've been meaning to check it out. I took a jaunt on the unimproved section of the Columbia Plateau trail (past the Martin Road trailhead) today. Tough going. Who woulda thought we'd have good biking weather the 1st of January!
Nice bike!