Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Golden Boy

Paul Ryan,

Your example of living The Golden Rule shines brightly for the public to see and mimic. Your uncompromising desire to ensure the use of clean pots and pans at a charity kitchen speaks volumes about your compassion for the poor and vulnerable in our society. The fact that the kitchen where many homeless people must eat to survive may not be using pots and pans that are spic and span must weigh heavy on your mind. Had there been any homeless people present to witness your act of kindness I'm sure they would have applauded and expressed untold gratitude as you compassionately scrubbed and rinsed, leaving fewer spots than a multitude of Proctor and Gamble products.

(AP photo)

Remarkably and notably, your steadfast heart guided you and your wife so strongly that you entered the closed charity kitchen without permission and without prior notice and caught the kitchen red handed--the clean pots and pans were not up to your high standards, which you are not about to compromise. It must have been divine providence along with your uncompromising heart of gold that guided you to intervene.

In my heart I know, that if you and Governor Romney are elected, you will have that same level of compassion, care, benevolence, and humanity for the most vulnerable among us: the elderly, the disabled, the poor, the homeless, and the ill. Your uncompromising position will surely have the most profound effect on them.

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