Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Missing Ingredient

I sat in on the public hearing for the Master Bike Plan this evening. I hadn't planned on speaking and apparently quite a few other attendees didn't either. Only four or five people offered up any public testimony and all, except for the last young man, were part of one organization or another. But that young man's impromptu talk got me thinking. The commission should hear from people who ride on the roads and use the current bike routes and let them know what their experience is like.

The commission will meet on Feb 11 to make their decision. But they voted to hold the paper record open until Feb 6. So we cyclists have an opportunity for some input.

I'm going to write a letter about the route I take to and from work and how the wide roads, bike lanes, and quiet residential roadways on this dedicated bike route allow me to safely ride from Northpoint to downtown and back. I'll let them know how much I enjoy and appreciate the ride and how adopting the master bike plan will provide that opportunity for many others who don't have the luxury of a dedicated bike route.

If you're interested in doing so--and you should if you're a cyclist--send a letter to Pat Hall and make sure it gets there before Feb 6. Let her know you're submitting testimony for the Plan Commission's deliberation on the Master Bike Plan.

Pat Hall
Planning Services Department
808 West Spokane Falls Blvd
Spokane, WA 99201

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