Saturday, January 3, 2009

Riding In The Sun

I took the ice bike out this morning and rode around the neighborhood streets between Mead High School and Pattison's Roller Rink. It was 2 degrees Fahrenheit with just a touch of wind chill. It was easier riding than yesterday since the roads were frozen. I had to let some air out of the tires so the studs would get a better grip on the extra glazed parts of the road. I realized that when my tires started sliding out from under me on one spot. My speed was barely that of a fast walker so I thought I could save it. I was hopping on one leg while sliding sideways across the road. The thought didn't occur to me that if the tires weren't gripping my boots probably wouldn't either--until my boot let me in on the secret. I rather inelegantly laid down on the road. Fortunately, no other souls were outside to witness my embarrassment. So I bled some air out of the tires giving them a better grip but increasing the rolling resistance. Well, it's not like I was going anywhere fast anyway.

Stopped by the Rocket Bakery on Hastings and treated myself to an oatmeal raisin cookie because I deserved it.


Pat S said...

I like slow, slow is good
You'd go faster, if you could

Nothing fun in going down,
Staring at the icy ground

Safe and sane is where it's at
And don't forget your safety hat

Drop the pressure, get a grip
Have yourself a dandy trip

A cookie is a worthy prize
You deserve it, in my eyes

Hank Greer said...

Nice one, Pat. I hope you're saving these up for publishing some day.