Sunday, June 7, 2009

Barefoot Running - Don't Look At Me, I'm Hideous

They look worse than they feel. The blister was definitely a setback. Mostly because of the tender skin that was exposed when the dead skin covering the blister broke away. My lower leg muscles are really feeling strong now so landing on my forefoot while wearing shoes is working well for me. So if nothing else, it looks like I'm learning a less strenuous running technique. I'm growing impatient with the slow callous growth. In short, nothing new to report except my feet look uglier than before.

I ran during lunch last Friday. After a mile I took my shoes off. Another runner stopped me and said, "For a second there I thought you were running with no shoes." Pretty funny. Anyway, he asked me how it was going and I blathered about callouses for a minute and then we went on our respective ways. But there was something that seemed familiar about the guy. It was like he reminded me of someone I've never met before.

Was that you, Al?


Spokane Al said...

It was not me, although I would have enjoyed meeting you and seeing your bare feet up close.

Hank Greer said...

Believe me, it's way over rated. :-)

Sherry said...

I'm a little tardy in getting this to you, but have just had a "recovered memory." My brothers used to try to prevent blisters when football practices started in August by soaking their feet in salt water, ostensibly to toughen them up.