Saturday, June 6, 2009

What A Neat Idea

I most certainly would have benefited from something like this when I was young. When I joined the military I knew nothing about drinking alcohol except you weren't supposed to stop. Although there were a few "incidents" as a result of my drinking--okay, a lot of "incidents"--nobody ended up injured or dead. Was I lucky or what? I'll leave out the details of all the stupidity. There isn't enough room here anyway.

As an example to our children, Kathy and I drink moderately and responsibly. We also talk to the kids about responsible drinking and so far it seems to be working. The idea of a provisional license to drink alcohol appeals to me as an opportunity to provide experience which would presumably help young people make better decisions later on.


Sherry said...

What I want is a "Parenting License!" When you think of what a person needs to do to get a driver's license...I agree that much trouble and real heartache can be caused by a bad driving incident, but compared to the damage and ongoing pain that bad parenting can lead to....

Of course drinkers need a learner's permit, too!

green libertarian said...

"Problem" drinking is far less in most European countries than it is here in the US. Why, because adults model responsible drinking to teens, and include them in their social events in which drinking occurs.

Teenagers drink with their parents and other responsible adults around, and such adults know when to say when, and they know when to cut off a teenager from drinking.

Contrast that the secretive, kegger party situation in the US, where teens are expected to drink to excess, and their are NO adult role models around, unless you count the police when the party is inevitably busted.