Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Record To Be Proud Of

An opportunity for those who are so strongly concerned with protecting life to speak out.

At roughly 6 p.m. tonight, Texas Gov. Rick Perry will make history when he presides over the 200th execution of his tenure. It's a chilling achievement, one that dwarfs that of his predecessor, George W. Bush, who famously signed off on 152.


In Harris County, which sends more prisoners to the death chamber than any other jurisdiction in the country, a major scandal over its dilapidated and mismanaged forensics crime lab has provided an alarming backdrop to innocence claims by Texas prisoners, on death row or not.


What is it about Texas that it breeds such figures as Judge Sharon Keller, who, on the day the Supreme Court decided to hear a landmark case on the constitutionality of lethal injection, refused to allow a last-minute appeal filed by attorneys trying to save the life of a client scheduled to die that night because, in her words, "We close at 5"?

At least we can proudly say we're more civilized than other countries. A little more.

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Lucas said...

I grew up in Texas, and consider myself a proud Texan to this day. However, I cannot understand the logic behind all the executions. I also think it is telling that the last two governors of Texas, with 352 executions between them, are both pro-life.