Monday, August 31, 2009

Locavore 100-mile Challenge - Day 1

Breakfast: No tea. :-( A glass of apple cider made by Harvest House up on Greenbluff.

Morning snack: A Harvest House peach (I don't remember the type, but it was awesome) and a Walters Fruit Ranch Early Golden apple. Both places are on Greenbluff.

Lunch: Yesterday I slow cooked some short ribs I got from Olsen Farms (Colville) along with some red potatoes, sweet onion, and fresh chopped parsley from Tolstoy Farms (Davenport). I divided it in half and one half was my lunch today. With lunch was another glass of Harvest House apple cider.

Afternoon snack: Another Early Golden apple.

Dinner: Ground beef from Olsen Farms mixed with chopped sweet onion and garlic from Tolstoy Farms. Tomatoes and green beans from the garden. Washed down with whole milk from Spokane Family Farm. Josh passed on the burgers since they contained chopped onions. Steph wasn't hungry. I'm sensing a break in ranks already.

I have to echo some of Bart and Paul's (un)sustainability sentiments. I spent Saturday driving between the Spokane Farmers Market downtown, Fresh Abundance on Division, and a number of fruit ranches on Greenbluff. But I think I could make it work with better planning and contacts. The Spokane Farmers Market is open 8:00 am to 1:00 pm on Wednesday if you are, like me, looking for more food. Geneva clued me in to checking craigslist for eggs. I did and scored a dozen farm fresh eggs at lunchtime today. Hard boiled eggs will be a nice addition to as well as be more filling than the peaches and apples I'm snacking on. Since I ride my bike I was careful taking them home. I didn't want to repeat John's bad experience. (Bummer, due to an unfortunate circumstance John is already out.)

Freaky moment of the evening: After the boiling, one of the eggs was cracked open and Stephanie discovered it was way more chicken than egg. She buried it and now I'm a chicken murderer.

And that just makes the caffeine withdrawal headache all the more special.


Peanut, peanut butter...and Stephanie said...

There's also the Millwood Farmers Market on Wednesday, from 3-7pm. If I survive tomorrow, I'm prolly going to head up there and check it out.

Congrats on making it through your first day!

Monique said...

I'm so jealous you have ribs!!! yum. I'm glad you don't have pictures. I'm doing the ground beef mixed with lots of veggies tonight to.

Sherry said...

Fetal chicken. Oh. Dear me. [tiny gagging sound]

Isn't there a way to check the contents of the rest of the eggs? Something to do with a candle?

Hank Greer said...

Stephanie: I'll be riding over to the Spokane Farmer's Marker for a resupply.

Monique: I didn't include photos because the meal looked so sad. But after viewing what others have made I think I'll post away now.

Andrew: I'm set as long as they aren't as developed as that one was. :-)

Sherry: Too late. They're all cooked. Snacks for the rest of the week will be referred to as "Chef's Surprise".

TiCaFam said...

Pretty sure HH peaches are not from within the 100 mile radius!

Hank Greer said...

I hope you're referring to a different Harvest House. I'm talking about Harvest House up on Greenbluff.

TiCaFam said...

Sorry Hank but that is the Harvest House I am talking about. I can guarantee their peaches are not considered local, as in the 100 mile radius, of this particular challenge. I bet Geneva would back me on this too but she just hasn't wanted to call you out.

Remi said...

Hank, a lot of farms at Green Bluff get their peaches from Tri Cities, and they also buy them from Siemers. There's also "you-pick fruit." Any way you can confirm which ones you got?

Hank Greer said...

I called Harvest House and they said they grew the Red Havens but I couldn't remember what kind I got. While I had them on the phone I verified they grew the corn I bought there and that they grew the apples used to make the cider. I called my daughter who was with me during my Greenbluff trip and asked her if she remembered what kind of peaches I bought. She told me we didn't. All we bought there was the corn, honey, cider, and some red peppers. She said I brought the peaches home from my Spokane Farmers Market trip. Now while I was there I know I did not buy from the Wapato stand. But I don't remember whose stand I got them from. I'm going over there tomorrow morning and hopefully I'll be able to figure it out.

Remi said...

Hah, sounds like your daughter can back you up! I think we'll just call that good.