Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sweet Road Find

Kathy and I headed out on our bikes to visit my mom and hardly got a half mile away when we came across this Schwinn Varsity leaning against a street sign. Who can say "no" to free chrome fenders and 40 lbs of steel?

A quick call to Josh to come get it and it was soon home. After we got back I aired up the tires and took it for a test ride. No rear brakes and the rear derailleur doesn't shift so it needs a little work. No sign of dry rot on the tires and as long as they hold air I won't need to replace the inner tubes.

The rack is one of those spring loaded clamp things with a reflector on the back. This could be a nice looking bike once it's all cleaned up. Looks like I have a winter project. Score!


Spokane Al said...

Wow - you must be living right!

Lucas said...

What a lucky find!