Monday, July 18, 2011

Warrior Dash

Yesterday we drove over to North bend to run the Warrior Dash. What a fun time. My brother, John, also did the run and was in an earlier wave. The run itself is a pretty mellow flat course of 3.5 miles going through fields and woods. We had obstacles every so often to climb over and some deep, thick mud that would pull your footwear off if you weren't careful. The last three obstacles were right after each other at the end. A cargo net climb over, jumping two fires, and then getting through the mud pit. The mud pit was particularly devious because they dug deep holes in random spots. You'd be moving along really good, suddenly the bottom would drop out and down you'd go.

John: "Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you about that part."

Thanks, John. I owe you one.
Our "before" picture.

John's "after" picture.

Josh jumping the fire.

Me following Steph across one of the fires.

Our "after" picture.

How cool is a timing chip that's a token for a free beer?

All these dirty pictures were taken by Susan and Kathy Greer--supportive wives who can only shake their heads at their crazy husbands. Thank you, ladies!

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Judith said...

OMG! When do you guys ever stay home and do nothing? It's hard to believe we're related!