Saturday, July 9, 2011

Well Said

Is this young man awesome or what?


Shan said...

"Without tyranny there is no freedom."

Love it! Buahaha!

Anonymous said...

If predator drone attacks aren't hostilities, and bombing isn't war, then how can a mask be a threat?

Or, if a mask is a threat, then how is illegal surveillance, posting spies on citizens streets, torturing people arrested but not even convicted, denying due process of law, and the suspension of the fourth amendment not also a bunch of threats? Why is it OK for law enforcement and airport security to be anonymous, but not regular citizens?

I dunno. People should usually leave politicians at peace in their homes (unless their home is the White House or other taxpayer funded housing). But, at a time when uninvestigated, unpunished Wall Street crimes have left so many people homeless, jobless, and penniless, why aren't the cops at Goldman Sachs hauling some of those crooks into court?

Feeding the homeless is a crime, but making people homeless will get you a taxpayer bailout and enormous profits.

Go figure.