Sunday, September 9, 2012

Spokefest 2012

The obligatory before the ride Spokefest photo. I'm the dummy on the left, next to Josh, Kathy, and my sister Barb.

We were well back in the pack for the 21-mile ride starting at 9:30 when they announced it was time to go. A few moments after that, Josh's front wheel exploded. Better then than while riding, right? So he was done pretty quickly. Some people thought the noise was a starting gun.

I don't know the final count, but while I was working at the Spokefest registration/pick-up yesterday there were about 1850 registered riders. I expect the final count was close to 2000. Kathy, Barb, and I thought the staggered start worked great. There was much less congestion and fewer opportunities for crashes this time around.

Peter and Ally (sp) on a Burley tandem. I hadn't met them when I took this picture, but later on in the ride I noticed their pedals were synchronized on opposite sides. When Peter's right pedal was up, Ally's left pedal was up. He said it's like a four cylinder engine. While reviewing this photo after the ride, I see their pedals were in sync normally. So he must have changed it along the way. We had a nice chat about cycling, living in Spokane (he moved here from Romania six years ago), friends, and family. 

Smiles from young... 

...and old... 

...and young and old. 

Again, the staggered starts really made a difference. Riders were rarely bunched up. 

During registration yesterday I heard a couple who registered on Friday were getting married on Saturday and doing a honeymoon ride at Spokefest. 

Looks like I heard right. 

Justin and family. 

The ride is not complete until you high five Bill Bender at the finish line. Congrats to Bill, the Spokefest organization, and volunteers for putting on a great ride.

There was some lively entertainment by a group called Coeurimba. They've been around for years and this is the first I've heard of them. I need to get out more. How can you not hear about a group that energetically plays giant marimbas?

 They had quite a crowd to play to. Many of the kids there were waiting for the drawing for a bike donated by REI.

 The lucky winner had to be pulled away from her snow cone to accept her prize.

 Josh didn't get to ride, but Kathy, Barb and I thought this was the best Spokefest yet.


Pat S said...

Great jersey, Hank. Josh's glasses aren't bad, either. Sorry he got skunked.

Mike said...

Glad to see such a great turnout. With all the outdoor events, Spokane is a great place to live!

John Greer said...

I too liked the jersey. You guys look really good.